The Company is a holding company «ABA INTERGROUP»
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Цена: 145грн.

Цена: 145грн.

We’d been already experienced in carrying out eхport-import operations before LTD «International dairy company» started. We searched for possibility to realize our potential and ideasin the best way. We have defined a direction of a healthy food for the further activity. After analyzing the food-processing industryit turned out that branch of dairy production is on the verge of a social problem. And manufacture of qualitative natural raw materials is exactly what the branch needs.

So the trade mark «InterMilk» was born. The trade mark represents a package of products that are irreplaceable by manufacture healthy production.

We want a phrase «dairy products» to become a synonym of products for health again. We work for this purpose every day.

Alexander Bardukov,
general director of «International dairy company»


Dairy production is irreplaceable in baby food. As every mother, I have special demands to what my child receives – it should be a safety of production for health and have natural flavoring qualities. Manufacture of our production based on the same requirements.

Trade mark «Intermilk» production is a basis for processing dairy branch, and other spheres of the food-processing industry. Therefore we incur responsibility for its unconditional quality.


Elena Bardukova,
first deputy of the general director of «International dairy company»


INTERMilk company is a part of International holding ABA INTERGroup. 
 Holding  ABA INTERGoup unites the companies of different profiles
INTERMilk (food components and packing), INTERHus (real estate and tourism services), INTERDelivery (a cargo transportation and professional logistics).