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Цена: 145грн.

Belarus will increase deliveries of milk to the Russian market


Source: Russian newspaper

The situation of May of last year when under an interdiction of Rospotrebnadzor almost all nomenclature of production delivered from Belarus has got, has stirred up the local enterprises, has forced to update the test equipment, to give even more a close attention to quality, but the main thing - has started a search engine of new commodity markets. The lesson has gone for the future. Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, China, Iran, Vietnam - here it is far not the full list of the countries where the Belorussian dairy rivers flow today. At full speed there is a certification of factories by the European commission. Year-two, and prestigious European certificates will be at the largest Belorussian players in the milk market.


Therefore now, when no restrictions on deliveries to Russia are present some the Belorussian milk, automatically to return all on former rails not so simply.

Though in Belarus it is still made milk twice more than it is necessary for own consumption, farms continue to increase milk: the goods are where to sell. Since past year commodity markets, and a conjuncture of the prices the good have extended. Besides, on autumn in the country stabilization stocks of dried milk on storage are traditionally put. And quotas, that is planned volumes of deliveries of various kinds of production on dry skim milk which first of all interests Russians, are already executed for 107 percent. Russia planned to buy in Belarus 32 thousand tons in 2010, then a quota have increased to 38 thousand, and have bought 40 thousand tons. And, according to the chairman of the board of association "Sojuzmoloko" Andrey Danilenko, are ready to increase purchases so, how much Belorussian party is ready to sell.
Quotas both on butter and on cheese are almost chosen, only dairy production is realized while twice less, than planned. Nevertheless, according to the first deputy of the Minister of Agriculture and the foodstuffs of Belarus Nadezhda Kotkovets, the country is ready to increase shipments of milk and dairy production and even to consider on board a question of decrease in indication price (one month ago the price for kg of dry skim milk has grown to 4,1 dollars).

In the near future "Sojuzmoloko" plans to offer manufacturers as it becomes for a long time already in Belarus, indication prices. Their corridor - 12-15 roubles for liter of milk of the first grade with base fat content of 3,4 percent and the maintenance of protein of 3 percent.