The Company is a holding company «ABA INTERGROUP»
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tel/fax: +38(044)392-19-07
tel GSM: +38(057)728-52-31
tel GSM: +38(050)301-50-93


tel/fax: +359(2)491-33-88
tel GSM: +359(56)91-98-13
tel GSM: +359(88)857-48-00


tel/fax: +7(499)703-30-63
tel GSM: +7(4722)42-11-75
tel GSM: +7(919)435-03-20


Цена: 145грн.

Цена: 145грн.



INTERMilk company is a partner of PLC "Belgorodsky hladokombinat"

For many years of fruitful cooperation INTERMilk company has proved as reliable, stable supplier. We want to thank the head of INTERMilk company Alexander Bardukov for wide assortment and creativity in decisions, and for the most importent things - humanity and patience. 
 Also we should to note a collective of INTERMilk company. They react on changes in the raw material market and inform about  this in due time.
collective PLC "Belgorodsky hladokombinat"



 INTERMilk is a partner of WMM-BILL-DANN